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Our friendly staff is eager to be your premier food service provider for your smaller events and occasions. We offer you customized menus to meet your needs and desires. We are excited to serve you and your guests again in moving forward safely during this pandemic. Please be sure to check out our options for in-home culinary experiences for those who prefer to stay in, relax, not worry about crowds, restaurant closures, etc. 


Crafty Kitchen continues to follow the guidance of the CDC implementing extra safety and sanitation measures cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting our work surfaces and yours too, using products that are proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses with products that do not contain bleach or phosphates, creating no harsh fumes, leaving no harmful residue, along with our continued high standards of health and hygiene.


In shopping for you, we carry sanitizer and disinfectant spray that we apply to the cart, and when we return to our vehicle we sanitize our hands and all touch surfaces. Your packaged goods are individually sanitized, item by item. Fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed and rinsed. Your ingredients are handled safely and touched far less using this personal chef service for your smaller events and meal service.

We care about the safety of everyone and promise to always adhere to these high standards at all times.

With a lot of town cancellations, let's plan your own, in-home Octoberfest gathering now!

Call (262) 818-1043 or Email: julie@craftykitchen4u.com 

Looking for a sweet idea for someone special? Crafty Kitchen, LLC will send your thoughtful wishes to them with a freshly baked 9" cookie cake complete with a greeting card we will personalize with your words then deliver to their door for you.

Call (262) 818-1043 or Email: julie@craftykitchen4u.com with a 48-Hour notice and put a smile on someone's face when they receive one of these special cookie cakes!

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