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offering IN-HOME culinary Experiences

Our friendly staff is eager to be your premier food service provider for your smaller events and occasions. We offer you customized menus to meet your needs and desires. We are excited to serve you and your guests again in moving forward safely during this pandemic. Please be sure to check out our options for in-home culinary experiences for those who prefer to stay in, relax, not worry about
crowds, etc. 


Crafty Kitchen continues to follow the guidance of the CDC and we also want you to know that the products we use to clean, disinfect and sanitize are EPA-approved, killing 99.9% of  common household germs without Chlorine Bleach, or harsh chemicals including Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, and Parabens, as not to put your families health at risk or hurt their lungs in breathing in those harmful ingredients which are also safe for your counter and other kitchen surfaces. We also continue our high standards of health and hygiene. If you are interested in obtaining these products in your own home we will put you in touch with our product representative.

We care about the safety of everyone and promise to always adhere to these high standards at all times.

Crafty Kitchen is proud to cater to your next occasion at Kimkasi Pub in Fontana, WI and from now through December, we are offering two holiday themed menus from passed appetizers to a served four-course meal. Customized menus are also possible for your gathering! Please contact Mike at Kimkasi Pub for availability and RSVPs (847) 922-7051. We look forward to creating a memorable gathering with delicious food, fantastic drinks and friendly service, in this comfortable, new location. Both Delivery or Catered Service are available.

Crafty Kitchen would like to brighten the season, warm your kitchen and fill your house with holiday scents and aromas from baking your flavorite cookies! Whether they're decorated sugar cookies, nutty, spicy or fruit filled, bar, thumbprint, or peppermint, we want to see your works of art and what you think is a nut above the others.

When the cookie strikes midnight on November 30th, our challenge will conclude. Crafty Kitchen will announce which baker will receive the cookie crown and be awarded FOUR MEALS AND SIDES of FOUR SERVINGS EACH, FREE!! Packaged, labeled, ready to be reheated and brought to you at an agreed upon scheduled date. Compliments of Personal Chef Julianne as a thank you for your participation!

What's the catch? There's no line of dough here. We'd like your recipe, a picture of your cookie with a brief story behind the cookie, your name and email contact information with permission to share your first name, cookie and picture to our social media platforms throughout the contest.

Details: By emailing your recipe and photo to Crafty Kitchen at:  julie@craftykitchen4u.com  you will be entered into this baking challenge and authorizing Crafty Kitchen to share your first name, photo, recipe and its story,  to social media. In participating you are also encouraged to share this challenge on your own social media using:
Instagram: craftykitchenpersonalchef4u
Twitter: @craftykitchenlg Instagram: 

On 11/30/20, Crafty Kitchen will randomly select a winner and will notify the recipient via email, and will post the winner to social media.

Thank you, good luck and happy baking!

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