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offering IN-HOME culinary Experiences

Our friendly staff is eager to be your premier food service provider for your smaller events and occasions. We offer you customized menus to meet your needs and desires. We are excited to serve you and your guests safely. Please be sure to check out our options for in-home culinary experiences for those who prefer to stay in, relax, not worry about
crowds, etc. 


Crafty Kitchen continues to follow the guidance of the CDC and we also want you to know that the products we use to clean, disinfect and sanitize are EPA-approved, killing 99.9% of  common household germs without Chlorine Bleach, or harsh chemicals including Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, and Parabens, as not to put your families health at risk or hurt their lungs in breathing in those harmful ingredients which are also safe for your counter and other kitchen surfaces. We also continue our high standards of health and hygiene. If you are interested in obtaining these products in your own home we will put you in touch with our product representative.

We care about the safety of everyone and promise to always adhere to these high standards at all times.

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Crafty Kitchen is proud to cater to your next occasion at Kimkasi Pub in Fontana, WI  customizing your menu from passed appetizers to a served (or buffet) four-course meal. Please contact Mike at Kimkasi Pub for availability and RSVPs (847) 922-7051. We look forward to creating a memorable gathering with delicious food, fantastic drinks and friendly service, in this comfortable, newer location. Delivery Service also available.

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Planning your getaway to the Lake Geneva region? Crafty Kitchen highly recommends "Stay at Lake Geneva" which offers five beautiful vacation homes in gorgeous settings where we can also prepare memorable, delicious meals for you during your stay. To spice it up a little further, the hosts of your home away from home, Mele' and Dean, are offering $100 off your lodging when you book with them directly at stayatlakegeneva.com using promo code CraftyKitchen

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